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Meet Nicole Spitler

My mission here at All Designs Equine is to be a horse lover's dream shop. As a dressage rider myself I try to make the products I would love to wear, decorate with, gift and share with others in the Equestrian community of any riding style and discipline.

I started this business in 2015, hand painting shirts for my own dressage training buisness since then it has evolved into a top 1% shop on Etsy. It has pushed me to expand to my own platform where I showcase my handcrafted artworks alongside high quality products printed with my original paintings and drawings.

I am now working hard to offer the largest designer collection of high quality bit motif products so that horse lovers like me can show off their equestrian flare with style and elegance.

Ride Fearless,

Nicole Spitler

  • Sadie Louis / Technical Support

    Sadie is Nicole's oldest daughter. When she is not managing social media she spends her time fostering, rescuing and volunteering for cat rescues. Sadie shows her love for cats through creating cat moon wreaths and owns her own business, CATastropheTreasures.

    CATastrophe Treasures 
  • Zachary Taylor / Laser Engraving Technician

    Zach is Nicole's oldest son. He is a huge Steelers fan! When he is not cutting wood with the Laser he is catching Pokemon and playing with his two dogs. Zach runs the show at All Designs Equine! Without him no wood could be cut and no wreaths could be made. He brings skills integral to making Nicole's ideas come to life.

  • Olivia Jean / Graphic Designer

    Olivia is Nicole's niece who vectorizes Nicole's artwork to be printed in full scale full color products. She handles all graphic design for All Designs Equine. She holds a BFA in Sculpure and runs her own shop Manic Rhinestone where she sells rhinestoned artworks

Hali & the Sound Waves

Hali Spitler is Nicole's youngest daughter. She is a free spirited musician who brings her talent to All Designs Equine by making music for commercials and tutorial videos. She composes and writes all her own original music. Her latest song “Wild Horses” was used in Nicole’s Enlightenment Collection.